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We believe everyone has the potential to achieve excellence.

Working with Unburdened Solutions you can reduce the burden of some jobs on you and your business, to help you do what you do best.

We provide Training, Compliance and Investment support to Financial Services organisations across the UK, working in-house with you and your people, or remotely, to help you deliver a better service.

We are driven by a strong desire to do better, and support the idea that the financial services profession should be about more than just making money but about achieving the right outcomes for people, a key to which is understanding how people’s values impact their financial lives.

A significant part of the work we are involved in at Unburdened Solutions relates to the world of sustainable and ethical investing. This is a core component of the business and a key reason for the establishment of the company. We believe that the future of the financial services market, and in particular sound financial advice, lies in fully integrating social and environmental sustainability in the advice process. This part of the business drives the research activities we are involved in.

  • We believe collaboration is the key to success and work closely with other professional organisations in the financial services world, such as Overstory Finance and Practical Financial Exams.
  • We are members of UKSIF, the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association and were a signatory to the Global Ethical Finance Initiative’s ‘Path to COP26’ campaign .
  • We are strong believers in lifelong learning and, as an Associate Firm of the PFS, an advocate for their principles of Standards, Professionalism and Trust.

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