Sustainable Finance

A significant part of the work we are involved in at Unburdened Solutions relates to the world of sustainable and ethical investing. This is a core component of the business and a key reason for the establishment of the company. We believe that the future of the financial services market and sound financial advice lies in fully integrating social and environmental sustainability in the advice process.

You will have seen that the header for the website is a picture of the Scottish Highlands; this is not just here as a pretty visual.

If humanity is to continue to survive and thrive in the future we need to recognise the importance of our natural environment and our relationship with it. Yet sustainability is about more than just the natural environment: how we engage with environmental sustainability issues has a deep impact on humanity itself. In engaging with these issues, finance must be cognisant of its impact on people as well as the natural world and its resources.


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We are pleased to be working with Rebecca Kowalski of, a champion of the sustainable investment world, in the development of training materials for financial planners and their teams.

Rebecca is a firm believer in the need for financial services to embrace its pivotal role in the positive transformation of the systems we inhabit – the economic, environmental and social systems and the finance system itself. As Rebecca says “Its a big challenge, but also an opportunity and a privilege.”

Collectively we are currently working on a comprehensive course which will be made available through one of the professional bodies in the UK financial services market.


We are actively involved in academic and non-academic research connected to sustainable finance. To find out more about our current and past research please see the Research section of our website.